Often when I discover a new recipe that I love, I get a bit lazy and just stick to it.  Especially if it’s easy to prepare, healthy and delicious. I will cook that recipe for dinner this week, for lunches the following week, maybe give it a weeks break and then it enters my meal prep cycle again and again. The problem with this is that I get bored. Once a food is too routine, I lose interest in eating the food I have prepared and I end up snacking on whatever else I can find. Boredom derails my healthy eating more than anything else. If I can keep myself interested in healthy eating with new dishes, new foods and new flavours, I find I am generally on board with the way I would like to eat.

This is why I keep trying new recipes, finding new foods and experimenting with different meal prep strategies. So far it is working better than I ever expected and I am learning more and more about food preparation and about my body. This week my new ingredient is pearl barley, because strangely I have never cooked with it. If all goes well, you’ll find a recipe with in featured on Cleaneats soon. If not, well you can help me out with your favourite recipes below in the comments.


2016-06-02 Comments (0) Clean Eating 101

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