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Just thought I would share my new favourite lunch. It’s simple, easy, delicious and of course¬†involves one of my favourite foods…eggs!


For this lunch I pack two boiled free range eggs, rye bread (sadly not entirely clean, but it’s a journey) and whatever veggies/fruit I have. Some how the combination of eggs and rye never get old for me, I’m always exited to eat it. At the moment the fresh goods I’m enjoying are: carrots, cucumber and oranges, so I chuck that in. If I happen to get hungry before lunch (which is a regular occurrence), then I snack on the veggies/ fruit and if not then I eat it all together or keep the fruit for dessert. Hope this shows you all how simple a healthy lunch can be and that you are inspired to create a minimalistic lunch of your own.¬†


come up with at least one healthy lunch option that works for you and is easy to eat on the go.

2015-08-07 08.42.14 HDR2015-08-07 08.42.14 HDR

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