FOOD PREP | 2015 09 28

Hi Guys

Just wanted to drop a quick line to catch up with what food prep I got into for this week.


I made the Tone It Up muffins and bought groceries to make green smoothies


I tried out a recipe from one of my favourite Youtube channels, Blogilates. Which was Kale chips and although they are quite stinky, they taste ok. I sealed it in a container to take to work the next day, but sadly the crunch doesn’t last. So only make enough for what you want to eat that day. Is worth a try for something different.

The second recipe was a Banana Bread by Skinny Ms. For my first batch I used liquid stevia, instead of the recommended powedered stevia and it came out horrid. Sadly, it tasted like medicine. For the second batch I left the stevia out all together, opting to replacing it with honey instead (plus adding a little extra for luck).  To make sure the loaf would be sweet enough I threw in an extra apple as well. I didnt follow the cooking instructions exactly. I cook the apples by themselves. Then I mixed all the dry ingredients together. In my food processor I combined all the wet ingredient, plus all the bananas and apples (once cooked lightly in the pan). Finally I combined them all together and cooked them according to recipe instructions. This time the loaf came out beautifully and it totally delicious.


So far I have just made two tuna salad jars. These each consist of half a can of tuna mixed with lemon juice, salt, pepper and plain greek yogurt. Then piled on top is chopped celery, chopped and peeled cucumber and whole baby tomatoes. For the rest of the week, I will eat the portions of soup (broccoli and leek) that is in my freezer or make salad from what is left in my fridge.


I have fish fillets in the freezer, and minute steak in the fridge. So for two meals we will be having some kind of meat with veggies (choice of butternut, aubergines, Brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.) I have spinach quiche ingredients for another night. We’ll eat with friends the fourth and wing the last week night 🙂


Hope this gives you some ideas for your week ahead and inspires you to try new recipes yourself.


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