Winter Salad

Lately I’m really into eating my food chopped up small and out of a bowl. Maybe it is the winter sense of hibernation and the need for warm comfort food. If I’m not careful I will eat butter chicken or spaghetti every night. This week I was experimenting with different grains and mixing them with whatever vegetables I had in the fridge. So this is not a strict recipe, all you really need is a grain, a sauce and chopped veggies. I used quinoa (not a true grain, but similar in texture), mainly roasted peppers and a totally clean honey & mustard sauce. ¬†For cheaper ‘grain’ options you can use whole wheat cous cous, it’s delicious as well.

Get experimenting in the kitchen and come up with some combinations of your own. Let me know what you enjoyed by posting it on Instagram and tagging #cleaneatscapetown

Find the recipe here

WInter Salad_Close Up


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