What’s your go-to-lazy-meal, that takes no effort? For my husband and I, it’s definitely scrambled eggs. Once I even made it for a Sunday family lunch, where I wanted to spend time with my family, but was exhausted from a busy week. It’s healthy, clean (if you leave out the feta) and delicious. I’m really big on humble basic foods and this meal really embodies that idea. Simple, but satisfying. We eat it at least once on a weekend, when I’m having some time out from the kitchen or when we are really busy and need nourishment on the go. I find it is best after a lazy lie in on a Saturday morning, which is what we did this weekend.

Why does this work? Go-to-recipes work well when you generally have the ingredients lying around the kitchen and you can spontaneously make it without buying anything. We almost always have eggs in the fridge and I grow spring onions in my garden, so if we have nothing else, these two ingredients alone can be made into a meal. This being said, I do like to get a little ‘fancy’ every now and again, by throwing in a few more goodies as well.

See what delicious combinations you can come up with and let me know by posting it on Instagram with #cleaneatscapetown. I look forward to getting some new ideas!

Find my favourite version of Gourmet Scrambled Eggs Here.



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