The time when you are falling off the ‘band wagon’, is NOT the time to give up! It is the time to get moving and motivate yourself. I have been feeling tired lately and know that I am needing a mid-year break. I find when I am tired, it is the hardest to eat healthy, as I am reaching from quick energy and making bad food choices.

Luckily, I bumped into an old acquaintance this week, who is really passionate about clean eating. She really took the time to encouraged me. She also spoke about a few new commitments that I can make towards cleaner food choices. It was really invigorating to chat away with someone that enjoys food as much as I do.

In turn, I would really like to encourage you to pick up a book, explore a blog some recipes and make a few new commitments towards clean eating of your own. It will help you stay the course during these cold months. The book I picked up is: Perfect Health the Natural Way by Mary-Ann Shearer. Let me know what you find that inspires you.



2016-06-16 Comments (0) Personal Journey

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