Peninsula Paddle |Challenge 4

We all, so easily get stuck in our routines. Daily, we live just focused on what is immediately around us, without really reaching beyond our comfort zone. Every time I get out the city into the country side, or explore my city in a new way it never fails to be amazing. This challenge is to help us GET OUT and explore our city actively, no matter how long we have lived here, as adventure reignites the passion for life!

Sunrise on the water

Getting Started in the morning. Welcomed by a beautiful sunrise.

I have been a resident of my city for about 28 years, with some traveling in between, last week I got to experience my beloved city in a fresh new way. I also learnt a lot about it my fellow citizens. In June I joined the a groups of activists, who are pressing to clean up the water ways in the City of Cape Town. In order to do this, they create awareness around what is happening in the cities water canals by paddling through them from Muizenberg to Paarden Eiland.

Dragging the canoe

Some of the more shallow areas, were the most dirty, as they are surrounded by dense communities.


Pollution is such a big problem, that often we get overwhelmed and give up trying to contribute to the solution. The solution is really collective. It is every individual making the effort to value the planet. I feel personally, I can defiantly up my game and contribute to the solution more. The excuse of “how much difference can one person make” is no longer valid.

Thank-you to all the organisers and sponsors for a insightful day.


Canoe in the ocean

After a long day, we finally made it through into the ocean


Canoes parked on the beach sand

The final destination, with a group photo to end it all off.

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