Eating Clean in a Hotel Room?

Since it is mid year, my husband and I took a few days off to rest and refresh. We want to join a big MTB race happening, so we needed to book some last minute accommodation in a already very full area. After much searching, we found a stunning place and rushed out to a weekend of sun and spoils. The one downside is that we couldn’t find a self-catering place, which makes eating the way you would like to a bit harder.

Honesty on holiday I have no problem eating as much chocolate (my favourite) as I want or even having a few cheat meals, but I eat the way I do, because I want to. No one is forcing me. I just believe that every step towards clean eating is worth it and makes me feels really good and full of energy. So even on holiday I don’t want to tread too far from that path.

At the moment my personal eating focus (i.e. I’m seriously working towards these goals) consists of the following:

  • Little – no wheat
  • Little – no cane sugar (I basically only eat it in chocolate)
  • Cutting down drastically on my consumption of animal products
  • Not eating meat and starch in the same meal
  • As little processed foods as possible

So what do you do if you are in a hotel room? It will be easier if you have a coffee/ tea station in your room, like we did.



  • boiled eggs
  • Steamed sweet potatoes (I also brought roasted beetroot)
  • A selection of several other fruit & vegetables (Broccoli, red & yellow peppers, apples, bananas, berries & avocado)
  • Various nuts
  • Blender for smoothies (non dairy)
  • 2 x bowls, 2 x spoons, 1 x sharp knife
  • Spices
  • 2 x cans of Tuna
  • Cloth and a bit of dish soap (which I didn’t bring, but would have been very useful)



BREAKFAST – Fruit Smoothie (although we ended up having breakfast included, this was my plan) 

Chop up various fruit into your blender, add a handful of nuts and water. Not too much water, 
just enough to allow the blender to work, without too much stress, so add as you go.

MEAL ONE – Blanched Broccoli & Spiced Steamed Sweet potatoes 

Boil kettle & break 1/2 broccoli head into chuncks into each bowl. Pour boiled water over the broccoli and 
let it sit for a minute, then drain the water out. Layer slices of sweet potatoes and spice 
(preferably non-radiated) it up with your favourite flavour. We used a Cajun mix, it was delicious. 
This is such a humble meal, and really satisfying.

MEAL TWO – Tuna Salad Mix 

Open and drain 2 x cans of tuna. Cut up various veg & salad into bowl (I used peppers, avocado & beetroot).
Add tuna on top and sprinkle with nuts, seeds & seasons. You could add some olive oil if you have.  

MEAL THREE – Boiled Eggs and Broccoli  

Blanch remaining 1/2 broccoli head as previously mentioned. Peel and salt two eggs per person. Done! 
You can add some avocado, should you wish. 

SNACKS – Raisins, bananas, apples & nuts 


My personal feeling at the moment, is that is I am mostly eating in the way I would like to, one or two stray meals is fine. That might change later, but for now my diet is ALREADY SO MUCH cleaner than it used to be and I’m proud of how I have grown in this area.

Happy traveling all.






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