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Tomorrow I am riding my first 45km MTB race for fun and kind of last minute. While I have been riding quite a bit lately, I definitely wouldn’t say I have been training. Tomorrow I will ride for the experience and the challenge of finishing, which I’m really looking forward to.

A friend of mine got her best time on a road race, while using the muffins I have previously talked about as her race food. Sadly I worked a 13 hour day before we left, so I had no time to prep any food for the race. I literally just boiled some eggs, steamed sweet potatoes and ran out the door (see my post on eating clean in an hotel room).

What I do want to do though, is try and eat as clean as I can on the race. I wish I had tested what I was going to do beforehand, but I guess we’ll know after the race for sure if it works or not. I’m riding with my husband, who will be using a shop bought race drink, so if I come unstuck, I will have access to it should I need.


  1. Make my own electrolyte water (very important for a race like this)
  2. I have a bag of dried fruit (dates and raisins) mixed with nuts (almonds & cashews)
  3. 2 x Boiled Eggs
  4. 1 x Banana
  5. A wholewheat peanut putter sandwich (the only non-clean food)

Electrolyte Water Plan

I checked out a few recipes for DIY electrolyte water. I’m limited to what I have with me, but I think I can make it work. I will take the Orange flavoured one off this website and see what I can do.

My version of the electrolyte water

  • 1 litre of boiling water
  • 3 x yogi chai tea bags (for flavour) 
  • 4 oranges juiced
  • 1/2 tsp himalayan salt
  • 1 x magnesium vitamin
  1. Boil water and infuse tea bags for a few minutes
  2. Take out tea bags and let water stand overnight
  3. Squeeze 4 oranges
  4. Mix the salt and the powder from the magnesium pill into the orange juice
  5. Add the orange juice to the tea


For breakfast I had a mango smoothie (banana, mango, almonds & water), as well as half a peanut butter sandwich. Half way through the race I had 2 eggs and half a banana, plus a few dates. About 3km from the end I ate some nuts, dates and raisins. Over all the race food was a great success! Originally I was quite worried the smoothie would not be fulling enough, but I was actually glad for something lighter, considering I was a bit nervous of riding my first MTB race. In the race I was full of energy and enjoying the race all the way until about 3km before the end (where I dived into the dates for energy!). Considering the furthest I have ever ridden is 30km, I was happy with how things went. The last 3km were also the worst part of the track, being on grass, and into a head wind, I was quite miserable, but got it done and finished in 3:32 minutes.

The electrolyte concoction was delicious!! Sadly I though I ran out half way though and had a few sips of my husbands game, only to discovers that is was the dried fruit & nuts pressing on my camel back and blocking the flow of the liquid. Hilarious! I was happy to discover the rest and happily drank it until it really did run out at about 40km. I drank water at the water points, but in hindsight, I would take my own next time.


The race food was delicious and did it’s job very well. The taste of the electrolyte concoction was perfect. I would, however, like to do some more research on what should go in it. Possibly try add coconut water, honey & lemon juice. That being said, I had no headache afterward the race.  Also besides from being extremely hungry and sleepy, I had no other ailments. I guess I could conclude that the drink I made did do its job sufficiently. Over all, I look forward to the next race.



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