How do you rest?

Resting in nature

For me rest comes in two forms. Physical and emotional. The physical side of things is easier to take care of. Lots of sleep, staying in my pyjama’s all day catching up on series and a fair amount of cheat food is round about how it looks. I basically break all the habits I have been working so hard to build for a day and just let me self be.

The problem with this is while it rests your body physically, I do find it doesn’t do too much for your emotional well being. In fact, too much physical resting can make you feel worse emotionally. When I feel emotionally spent, I always ask myself a question that is vital, but not always easy to answer: ” what makes me exited to be alive?” What ever the answer to that is, I need to get out and do it to emotionally feel refresh. What makes it difficult, is I feel the answer to this question changes over time, so you have to be intentional to figure it out.

For the longest time, the thing that revitalises my passion for life has been catching up with good friends. Quality connections with people just warms my soul. For others it might be sport, a hobby, a place. I think in the business of life, it is important to make time to do what is seemly unimportant, but ultimately might just be the fuel that keeps you going.


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