What is a Meal Box?

Meal Box

A meal box is exactly what it says. It is a previously prepared meal, that is kept in a food safe container (often in the freezer) until it is needed. Today I thought I would break down what my preferred idea of a meal box should be. In other words, what my family and I feel works for us with regards to meal boxes. It’s really rather simple. In my boxes, I  try have a combination of either meat & green veg or clean carbs and some kind of green veg. As I’m experimenting with not eating protein and carbs at the same time.

Personally for meal boxes, I like to strip the cooking process down to the minimum. I will generally roast a tray of meat or veg and then add my greens. This makes meal prepping for the week far less stressful and much for doable. I recommend you do a bit of grocery shopping on a Sunday and then pack a few boxes for the week. It makes eating clean during the week for more plausible.


MEAT: I generally try to mix it up between lean cuts of beef, ostrich, skinless chicken breasts, tuna/ hake. I also do meat free meals a few times a week. 

CLEAN CARBS: Really this section should be called: clean foods that are filling, since I don’t necessarily always use a carb rich food here. What I do though, is avoid processed white starches or natural white starches (for example white rice or potatoes). Instead, we love roasted sweet potatoes, butternut, pumpkin, beetroot etc. I change up whether we mix these together or eat them separately to constantly keep things different. If we are bored of vegetables , then I occasionally make wholewheat couscous, wholewheat rice, quinoa or lentils.

GREENS: This is obvious. Any green vegetable, which is harder than it sounds, as it doesn’t feel like there are many options in the stores. My go-to-greens are: green beans, peas, roasted brussels sprouts, broccoli and baby marrows. With the exception of the brussels sprouts, I just put the greens in the boxes raw and let them be slightly cooked when I heat up my box for lunch.

I hope this helps you in getting your meal prep going.


Design one type of meal box. For example: Grill chicken and add peas. How simple is that? Then make four of them in one go and pack them up in containers. Now you all good to go with either healthy lunches or dinners for the week ahead.

Happy Meal prepping!

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