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Coconut Chips Berry flavour

I went to my local health shop to pick up some honey and the store owner was munching on these and gave me a try. Since I try to make my own snacks, I haven’t really explored purchasing any. I decided to give these a try and I am really enjoying them.

Price: Is reasonable, I was pleasantly surprised. They are not cheap, but they are not expensive.

Value for money:┬áNow I don’t think these will solve any hunger issues, as they are not cheap enough to just down the whole packet (for me any way). However, I do feel really tired around 4 pm and need to find natural energy boosters, I think this will be perfect. I might just carry one in my handbag as well, for when I’m tempted to eat sugar and I can just munch on a few of these instead.

Overall: The Hungry Herbivore looks like a great company and I’m exited to experience more of their products and see them grow. Find them here


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