Bookmark Organisation | Challenge 7

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“A good plan implemented today, is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow”

George Patton 


OK, so a new week has rolled around and you need need to make a plan to stay on top of what you are eating. However, you feel uninspired , unmotivated and all you want to do is eat pasta due to the cold. Fear not! What you need is a mid winter ‘spring clean’ and you will feel right back on top of your game. You have so many resources at your disposal at any moment, but are they organised or do you even remember what it is you have booked marked? I would suggest putting some time aside on the weekend to kick ass by revisiting your bookmarks and putting them in order.



Bookmarks for recipes


Have you ever seen a recipe online and wanted to remember it, so you booked marked it and never looked at it again? Then you opened your bookmarks for some inspiration, but were met with chaos? Then this is the tip for you, you need folders! Get organise by making folders and subfolders, so when you are needing a specific idea i.e. lunch, you know exactly where to go. This is really where bookmarks help. When you know what kind of meal you would like to make .e.g. lunch, but you don’t know what to make for lunch. In going through my bookmarks this weekend, I decided to delete almost all bookmarks that were not inline with how I would like to eat.Then  I placed the recipes in the below categories for easy access. I know now, that I will make use of these resources much more often.

Recipe Bookmarks for cooking


  1.  Soups  
  2.  Smoothies
  3.  Breakfast 
  4.  Lunch / Dinner (These two are interchangeable for me) 
  5.  Packed Lunches (Ideas that are specifically for on the go)
  6.  Morning Snacks (Potentially more savoury and filling) 
  7.  Afternoon Snacks (This is for those deathly 4pm sugar cravings, therefore more sweet) 
  8.  Desserts (Clean of course – I mix Vegan and non Vegan here, as I do not make desserts often) 
  9.  DIY Food (This is for making food at home, that you are used to buying in the shops, for example making a vegan mayo or your own soup stock. The next DIY I’m gathering up the courage for is tofu, wish me luck!) 
  10.  Korean Food (Although not all these recipes are clean, I really enjoy the Korean food, so I keep a few ideas floating around either as a treat or as a challenge to make a clean version. )          
  11.  Meal Planning (Here I keep a collection of recipe resources and meal plans)
  12.  Vegan (Although I’m not Vegan, I do try and ‘lean into it’ as Oprah says. I’m not sure I’ll ever be fully Vegan, but I  would like to get to the place where the large bulk of my diet is. On that note, previously the idea of a Raw Diet freaked me out, but lately as I have been trying that out a bit and am loving it.) 

[Below are the subfolders under Vegan]

  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch / Dinner
  • Packed Lunches 
  • Morning Snacks
  • Afternoon Snacks


Happy Organising!





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