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This was sooo delicious! You must give it a try! It is really easy and requires minimal cooking. Perfect for a bring and share with friends or Friday nights when your tired and craving something tasty. Don't forget to be creative and let me know what topping combos you come up with.


Banting Burger
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1-2 TBS basil pesto

1 tomato

1 ostrich burger patty (or home made burger patty)

1 ripe avocado

1/2 block of feta (any flavour)

1-2 TBS Mixed seeds

Any other toppings you desire!


  1. Heat a pan gently on the stove with a small amount of coconut oil
  2. Cook patty as per packaging or recipe instructions
  3. Smudge pesto in the middle of the plate
  4. Slice tomatoes and layer over pesto
  5. Place patty on top of the tomatoes
  6. Then add toppings however you desire: I piled on the avocado & sprinkled feta over that
  7. To finish it all off, sprinkle with mixed seeds
  8. ENJOY!

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